Which division am I?

NOTE: Teams should play to the level of their highest¬†level player. 3 A’s and a B in quads should play in the A division.

-I may or may not know basic volleyball rules (what a double-contact or lift is, who serves when, etc.
-I might have played in gym class in school, but I haven’t played organized volleyball on a league, club/school team, or tournaments.
-Note: Even if you’re athletic, please consider yourself a beginner if you fit into the criteria above.

Recreational (Rec) / C / CC
-I know indoor rules and am still getting used to outdoor rules (or I already know outdoor rules).
-I’m either not very athletic, or I still need work on my volleyball fundamentals.
-I can generally keep the ball in play in a slower-paced game.
-I play 3-touch volleyball (pass-set-hit).


I can’t hand set clean most of the time, so I bump set. (B)
I can hand set clean most of the time, or I bump set well.  (BB).
I can jump set the ball and/or run plays (A/AA)
I can serve the ball over the net, but nothing crazy. (B)
I overhand serve and can place the serve or have a decent float. (BB)
I can jump serve or serve a hard float (A/AA)
I don’t block in doubles. (B)
I’m working on it, but not great yet. (BB)
I can block, and call what I’m blocking so my partner can cover me. (A)
I can switch my blocking calls last minute, or read or cover myself after a block on tips/rolls. (AA/+)
I can hit the ball, but without a lot of power, accuracy, and/or consistency. (B)
I can hit a hard driven ball on a good set. (BB)
I can hit the ball down, cross court and line. (A)
I can hit within the 10 foot line. (AA)

‘Open’ division is anyone above AA. ‘Open-play’ refers to unstructured play (i.e. pickup games).

Still not sure which division to play? Just ask us and we’ll help you determine which division.

SANDBAGGING: Sandbagging (playing below your level) will NOT be tolerated. Teams determined to be sandbagging by the CRUSH VOLLEY / RIOT staff may be moved to a higher division, disqualified from their games, disqualified from playoffs, or disqualified from receiving prizes. If we don’t have a division for your team’s level, don’t sign up for a lower division. DO NOT SANDBAG.