Open Play (Indoor/Outdoor)

Update 3/13/18 – We’re currently looking for tournament sponsors. Please contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring!

Click here to check out our Meetup group!

DETAILS: See the CRUSH Volley Meetup page for all of our open play, clinics, and other events. Tournaments are always posted here on

What: Grass and indoor open play (no league commitment).

Who (Skill level): Some events open to everyone, some only open to more experienced players.

Where: Central NJ, various locations.

When: Throughout the summer we run grass pickup games. Some are for experienced players (high B-level through AA/Open doubles), others are open to everyone (doubles or quads, depending on who shows up). We also run indoor open play, usually posted about a week in advance.

Sounds good, where do I sign up? We post all of our open play info on so join our Meetup group (Meetup is free to join) and make sure to sign up for open play as early as possible when you can make it. Hit the ‘contact’ link for any questions.

We also run leagues, clinics, and private/group lessons as well. If you’re interested in clinics, or private or group lessons, please contact us.