What should I bring?

  1. Extra Socks!
  2. DRINKS (hydration, not alcoholic). We have a water cooler to refill your bottles
  3. Snacks/food (food/drinks are available to purchase at our events)
  4. Hat or Sunglasses – We sell CRUSH Volley hats at tournaments as well
  5. Sunscreen, and more sunscreen
  6. Hand sanitizer (so you can eat between games)
  7. Painkillers, medical tape, etc. (just in case!)
  8. A tent/canopy for shade
  9. Get one of these sweet, ridiculously bright, inflatable loungers. (referral link)
    ($23.31 with promo codeĀ 10-WINNER ) Perfect for long tournament days, they give you a comfy, place to lounge between games.